Opel Passeri

Marketing Materials for a new Social Campaign


The Client asked me to create a set of banners and creativities to use along with a new Marketing Campaign. The main purpose of this campaign was the launch of a new model on the market and I've needed to follow specific brand guidelines to work on:

  • a set of banners: to use in a Google Display Campaign;
  • a set of creativities: to use for sponsored post and / or on Socials (Facebook, Instagram).

I've made all the creativities using Adobe Photoshop.

Client: Opel Passeri s.r.l.
Sector: Automotive Sector
Project: Marketing Materials
Year: 2017
Tool: Adobe Photoshop

The Process

I've started to work on this project by analysing the brand guidelines.
As subsidiary of the main brand, for the Client it was important that all the new creativities should be in line with the Major Brand.

In this scenario I've made the new creativities by keeeping consistency with the design previously identified by third-party for the printed campaign. The Client had supplied all the resorces and I've shared the creativities through different iterations, accordly with agile methodology.


For this project I've worked on a set of banners to use along with a new Google Display Campaign. I've designed a first MPU Banners (with standard size: 300 pixels wide and 250 pixels high) by following the design supplied and I've shared it with the Client. The Client confirmed the design and I've adapted the creativity for the other banners sizes as advised by Google.

I've also worked on a set of images for a generic use on Socials and a set of banners for Facebook sponsored posts (by following the 20% rule).

Opel Passeri

Many thanks for watching!